Prime Air Time

Amazon unveiled its new delivery drones this weekend at Austin’s South by Southwest (SXSW) conference. For the very first time, the public was able to get up close and personal with two of the unmanned fliers, all under the careful supervision of a security guard.

The upgraded drones now come equipped with sense and avoid technology. This should help prevent the drones from colliding with other flying machines as well as improve their ability to share airspace with birds. The added tech will also make it easier for the drones to complete accurate deliveries.

Because laws in the Unites States prevent drone operators from flying their crafts outside of their direct sightline, Amazon currently only has the authorization to use this technology in the United Kingdom, and last December, Amazon Prime Air made its first delivery to a lucky customer in Cambridgeshire, England. Amazon is also thinking about using its delivery drones to deliver packages via parachute.

The Sky's the Limit


Drone technology has only just begun to (pardon the pun) take off, and it's not just delivery drones that will soon be zipping across our skies. Drones are poised to transform the world we live in, with people rapidly developing the technology for use in construction, agriculture, and numerous other industries.

There is no limit to what drones could be made to do. They could start taking over dangerous aspects of jobs that humans currently perform, and they're already being used to deliver vaccinations and other important medical supplies to remote areas in Africa, keeping people safe from disease and illness.

Today, we may just be looking forward to faster deliveries of our FireSticks and Kindles, but the real potential of this tech lies in its ability to further enrich and even save countless lives around the world.

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