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Get Maximum Comfort And Minimal Noise With ComfoBuds Pro

We live in a noisy world. Take back control with the noise canceling in ComfoBuds.

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Noise control is the next great frontier in human comfort, to the point where we’re building noise cancellation into building materials. But if you want your noise cancellation to follow you every day, the ComfoBuds Pro Headphones make it easy to control where and when you tune in to the world, using a mix of technologies called QuietMax.

The bedrock QuietMax builds on is active noise canceling, or ANC. ANC tech works by sampling the audio around you, which ComfoBuds Pro does with a spaced array of three microphones in each earbud, and getting the frequency and amplitude. It feeds in sound that cancels out the noise, ensuring your music comes through clearly. It splits up the task between two bands, broad-spectrum noise like cars and airplanes, and more specific frequencies, like shrill noises and horn honks.

The microphones also ensure your voice is clear and crisp when you take calls, and can even filter out the Helmholtz effect, the roar you hear when you cover your ear canal.

Next, there’s a dual-band system, separating treble and bass, so technical problems and annoying frequencies can be isolated to one driver and dealt with. After that, there’s wind noise reduction. We’ve all heard the chaos wind can feed into a microphone when somebody takes a call on a blustery day, and the ComfoBuds automatically adjust to keep it out of your ears and out of your calls. All this is tuned by Luca Bignardi, a multi-Grammy-winning sound engineer.


This gives you control of what you hear. Set it to strong and shut out the world, mild to keep your surroundings in the background, pass-through for safety, or even just filter out the wind on your calls. ComfoBuds fit comfortably in any ear, with six hours of playtime with ANC on, and up to 28 hours with the case. Normally they cost $105, yet right now you can save 14% and get them for $89.99.

Prices subject to change.

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