By some estimates, as a species, we generate quintillions of bytes of data every day. And as even NASA has learned the hard way, you can never have too many backups. The pCloud Premium Plus Cloud Storage 1-Year Subscription is built to ensure that you always have your photos, videos, and other crucial files backed up, no matter what.

Fast, Simple, Secure

pCloud has a 4.3 out of 5-star rating on Cloudwards as it's both easy to use and secure. Unlike other sync services, there's no file size limit with pCloud, and you get 2TB of storage. Auto upload for your phone ensures that all the files you need to be backed up get into the cloud. You can also sync across multiple devices or specific folders, so if you just want your vacation photos preserved, it's as simple as picking the folder.

All uploads use a 256-bit TLS/SSL connection, protecting data when uploading and downloading. Unlimited remote upload traffic keeps your backups running while you're on vacation or just on the go. And you can sync it with OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive so if they go down, they don't take your files with them.

Easy To Share

Of course, backing up your photos and videos is only valuable if you can easily share them, and pCloud makes that simple as well. It's compatible with all major desktop and mobile platforms, and you can create download links that are password protected and come with expiration dates, controlling who looks at what.

You can even choose what files get encrypted and which don't, so any sensitive information is protected. If you're worried about malware or are just tired of manually backing up your files, pCloud makes it as simple as booting up.

Get the pCloud Premium Plus Cloud Storage 1-Year Subscription for $29.99, down from $95.

Prices subject to change.

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