Some of the most interesting news about virtual reality technology is coming out of E3, including the announcement of a fully-immersive skateboarding experience.

An exhibit created by motion effects company D-Box Technologies to promote Samsung’s Gear VR headset, simulated a downhill longboard experience, utilizing the Canada hardware company’s mechanical systems.

Samsung's Gear VR. Credit: Samsung

The motion effects are generated by electromechanical actuators that are synced with content, giving a realistic texture of the road. D-Box generates cues in real-time, all to make the user part of the action.

The actuators are D-Box's primary gaming hardware product, but these can be integrated to seats, platforms, or other surfaces to simulate a range of textures and scalable axes of movement. They actually have quite an extensive set of supported game titles, mainly racing and simulation games.

But D-Box is not limited to the gaming market, having partnered to introduce motion systems to VR in films. Basically, those of you with weak stomachs can watch from the sidelines as the rest of us enjoy everything, from films to recreation, in stunning VR.

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