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Landau and Lifshitz' volumes are nothing short of the elegant Feynman lectures in physics. For those who don't know about the series; these volumes are known as "Course of Theoretical Physics", and were thought of/composed by the famous Soviet (as known back then) physicist, Lev Landau, and were written down by his student Evgeny Lifshitz. Its a 10 volume series of books and as wikipedia puts it -- the books are well known for their concise, elegant and accurate formulation of the laws of physics. Generations of physicists, both in Russia and around the world, have been educated in physics through this series. The presentation of material is advanced, requires a foundation of physics, and is suitable for graduate-level study.

Unfortunately, only 6 volumes are available legally on the WWW domain, but better than nothing, right?

You can download/read them here on the Internet Archive.

Hat tip to All Science, All The Time for sending this our way.


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