The Shade

A Ford executive just threw some serious shade at the automaker's competition.

During a media briefing this Wednesday, Ford's president of the Americas and international markets Kumar Galhotra said that Ford's upcoming all-electric F-150 pickup truck will be a "real" work truck" — not a "lifestyle" truck like Tesla's upcoming Cybertruck or GMC's Hummer EV, Teslarati reports.

"While all other electric pickups are competing for lifestyle customers, the all-electric F-150 is designed and engineered for hard-working customers that need a truck to do a job," Galhotra noted, as quoted by CNBC.

F Zero

Ford's F-Series trucks have been the United States' bestselling pickups for over 40 years. In 2019 alone, Ford sold almost 900,000 of them.

The F-150's electric variant is due to roll off the lot in mid-2022, cutting maintenance costs by half compared to its gas-guzzling cousins, according to Galhotra.

Hot Market

The electric pickup market is heating up. Tesla is planning to deliver the first Cybertrucks in late 2021. General Motors is hoping to be cranking out its recently announced electric Hummer pickup and SUV around the same time.

As to who has the more powerful and capable truck, that's still unclear. Tesla's Cybertruck famously took on a $30,000 Ford F-150 in a tug of war in November 2019.

The same day, Sunny Madra, VP of Ford X, the U.S. automotive giant’s ventures incubator, called it an unfair fight, challenging Tesla to an "apples-to-apples test."

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