A highly decorated young engineer, Marita Cheng, has developed an ingenious, easy to use robot that can help the disabled gain enhanced mobility. She, under her company Aubot, has created the "Teleport," a 1.1m - 1.7m (43in - 67in) tall robot connected with MindWave brain control technology to give users the power to control the robot's movement with only having to use concentration.

The technology can help those with limited mobility attend work, go to school, or even visit a museum. Teleport has even been used in children's hospitals to allow sick kids to go on field trips, all without actually having to leave the hospital.

It is a life changing experience for those who've used it.  One teleport user, a 36-year-old man who suffered a devastating spinal injury as a child stated, “I never really got anything to move before with my brain, so that was pretty unbelievable in that sense.”

The system consists of the mobility robot equipped with forward and downward facing cameras. The MindWave is easy to use, only taking about five minutes to set up fully. All the user has to do is concentrate enough, and the bot will start moving.

Of course, this technology isn't only for use by the mobility challenged. But it is an example of how technology is giving hope and comfort to those around us who need it most.

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