Image via NASA and Selmesfilms

In case you missed it, this stunning video was created June 21, 2014 by Selmesfilms. It is a stunning compilation of footage taken from the International Space Station (ISS), and it shows our Earth like you've never see it before. The author explains that he wanted to help people see the world anew—that he wanted to remind us that there are humans conducting experiments, and living their lives, in a tiny box orbiting hundreds of miles above the surface of the Earth:

"My goal was create an experience that allows us to marvel at wonders of this world from the unique perspective of only 370km above our heads. Audio recordings in English and Russian are taken from actual space to ground communications on the International Space Station. I have included the audio clips at the beginning and end to remind the audience of the humanity that inhabits the space station. I have kept audio and title distractions away from the major part of the footage to allow the visuals to speak for themselves."

Watch: Amazing ISS Timelapse

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