Tesla vehicles have a number of cameras installed as part of its Autopilot feature, but a new dashcam feature is in the works that will also utilize the cameras.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the dashcam capabilities were "coming soon," in response to a statement made on Twitter. Technically speaking, a dashcam has always been present, just not in the way drivers wanted.

As reported by Electrek, all Tesla vehicles are known to store camera footage, but only after an accident, and only for Tesla's use. This was initially discovered in 2016 by Jason Hughes, who was experimenting with a damaged Tesla Model S when he discovered the cameras recorded and saved video after the SUV collided with a wall.

Older Tesla models only had one camera. With multiple cameras, the dashcam feature should be much more effective.

Musk's "coming soon" tweet was all the CEO offered in relation to the feature—no date or how far along development is.

Whenever it is released, Teslarati speculates that Tesla owners will be able to view saved footage and images through the MyTesla page. We'll have to wait and see if there's a limit placed on how much can be saved.

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