Recreational use of cannabis has now been fully legalized in 17 states and decriminalized in 13 others. As a result, today there are more varieties of pure, legal, high quality weed than ever before. And on paper that sounds great. The only problem is that the majority of the strains out there have very high levels of THC, which most consumers neither need nor want. Meanwhile, most CBD forward products don’t contain any of the terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids that are essential if you want the full cannabis experience. If this state of affairs has you feeling a little frustrated, you need to check out Dad Grass CBD prerolls.

What Is Dad Grass?

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At Dad Grass, they’re on a mission to revive the simple pleasure of an easygoing, casual smoke. Their name is a reference to the low-THC weed your dad smoked back in the day. You see, unlike most of the flowers at your local dispensary, which often have THC levels ranging from 15-to-30 percent, most weed 30 or 40 years ago was only 4-percent THC. That stuff would give you a nice buzz, but it wouldn’t leave you stoned out of your mind.

Inspired by your dad’s old school cool, and in an effort to emulate the kind of chill buzz he used to enjoy, Dad Grass specializes in 100-percent organic hemp flowers and preroll joints with no THC. Their stuff won’t get you high. It will help you feel relaxed and mellow without the paranoia or anxiety. In short, Dad Grass is for people who want to alter their mood, not their mind.

If all that sounds like it’s right up your alley, take a look at some of the cool products Dad Grass offers below.

Dad Grass Hemp CBD Prerolls 5 Pack

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Rolling your own joints is a timeless tradition. But it’s also nice to have some ready to go for those times when you don’t have the time or energy to do it old school. Enter the Dad Grass Hemp CBD Preroll 5 Pack.

As the name suggests, the Dad Grass CBD Preroll 5 Pack comes with five expertly rolled joints. Each one is handcrafted and contains .7g of organic hemp flower responsibly grown right here in the USA. They come protected in a stylish retro box with an “E-Z Slide” insert that keeps each individual joint lined up and in perfect condition until you are ready to enjoy it.

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Mom Grass Hemp CBG Prerolls 5 Pack

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Obviously, Dad Grass Hemp CBD Prerolls aren’t just for dads. Similarly, Mom Grass CBG Prerolls aren’t just for moms. They call it Mom Grass because the key ingredient in this strain of hemp is CBG, or cannabigerol, which is considered the “mother of all cannabinoids” because it is used by cannabis plants to produce both THC and CBD.

The Mom Grass CBG Preroll 5 Pack comes with five perfectly rolled joints. Each one is handcrafted and contains .7g of organic CBG hemp flower. And just like the Dad Grass Prerolls, these come protected in a stylish retro box with the “E-Z Slide” insert.

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Special Edition Decoy Stash Boxes & Tins

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Need a fun but inconspicuous place to stash your grass? Dad Grass has got you covered with their decoy stash boxes and tins.

The decoy boxes are basically sleeves into which you slide your box of Dad Grass Prerolls and disguise them as common household items like butter, sardines, screws, and cassette tapes. The decoy tins, meanwhile, feature magnetic labels that can be swapped out as needed. They disguise the tins as things like motor oil, tea, dog biscuits, and bandaids.

Obviously these decoy boxes and tins are not kid proof, so if you have little (or not so little) ones you don’t want to find your stash, the safest bet is still lock and key. However, if you’re just trying to be discreet, these are an excellent option. And they make a great gift.

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