There's nothing worse than desperately trying to charge your wireless device when you have to sift through a messy pile of wires. Instead of dealing with the mess and stress of wired charging, what if there was an attractive way to wirelessly charge your devices that blended seamlessly into your design aesthetic. That way, you could say goodbye to all the wires that hang from the sides of sofas and off the sides of your desk? Well, if you're seeking beautiful charging solutions that combine luxury materials and cutting-edge technology, you need a high-end wireless charger from Courant.

The design gurus at Courant want to simplify your charging experience by replacing all your frayed cords with high-end wireless charging devices. To do this, Courant's simple user experience and product forms are created to equip each room of your home with elegant, yet effortless charging solutions. From industrial design to content creation, Courant works with today's best creative minds in their Soho office in New York. The result is leather-wrapped wireless chargers that blend seamlessly into your design aesthetic, whatever it may be.

Catch:1 Wireless Charger

Image via Courant

The CATCH:1 is Courant's single device wireless charging station. It's also the simplest wireless charger they offer. The CATCH:1 is low profile, weighted so it stays put, and wrapped in quality materials like leather and aluminum alloy. Most importantly, CATCH:1 is Qi Certified and uses cutting-edge technology to ensure that your phone charges at lightning speed. Thanks to its simple, space-saving design, CATCH:1 works best in locations where space saving is top of mind - making it perfect for areas with limited space like end tables, office desks, and kitchen countertops/islands. CATCH:1 comes in four colors including saddle, black, ash, and bone.

Catch:2 Wireless Charging Device

Image via Courant

The CATCH:2 picks up where the CATCH:1 leaves off. It's a multi-device wireless charging station, without any of the drawbacks of “dead-zones”. That's thanks to the CATCH:2’s Qi-Certified, five charging coils that cover the surface of the charger. The result is the most forgiving charging experience on the market for a multi-device charger. This product works best in settings such as living rooms (where two people can share a charge with two phones) or in an office where you'll need to charge multiple wireless devices at the same time. CATCH:2 is available in a variety of colors including saddle, black, ash, and bone.

Catch:3 Wireless Charging Device & Accessory Tray

Image via Courant

If what you need is more than simply a charging station the CATCH:3 is for you. It's the new home for your most essential items. The CATCH:3 combines a multi-coil, single device wireless technology with the familiar valet silhouette, allowing you to thoughtfully organize accessories, while also charging your devices. This sleek design makes it the perfect accessory tray for bedsides and the entryway of your home. That way you will always be able to find not only your fully charged phone, but all of your essential items in one centralized location. Like CATCH:1 and CATCH:2, CATCH:3 comes in Italian leather in the colors saddle, black, ash, and bone. And that's not all. Curant offers custom monogramming in silver and gold foil on all of its products.

All that, and Curant also offers free shipping and returns on all orders over $75 in the USA and Canada. So isn't it time you ditch the clutter for a wireless charging solution that's not only more elegant, but more efficient too? Click here to learn more.

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