Have you ever stopped to think about just how much radiation penetrates your body on a daily basis? If not, you probably should. After all, this is not 1995, when you had one computer with a hard-line Internet connection and a giant cell phone you only used for emergencies. Today we are literally surrounded by smart devices that generate electromagnetic radiation, from our phones, tablets, computers, and watches, to our televisions, routers, speakers, and even our light bulbs and refrigerators. And studies are starting to show that prolonged exposure to such radiation is not as harmless as we once thought. So how do you go about reducing your exposure? Well, the good news is you don’t have to fashion yourself a little hat out of aluminum foil for EMF protection. You just need to order yourself Lambs' Faraday EMF-proof clothing.

Prevalence And Health Risks Of EMR

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Electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, are invisible fields of energy that are produced by electrically charged objects. The propagation of this energy at specific wavelengths and speeds is what we call electromagnetic radiation, or EMR. High-frequency EMR such as x-rays and gamma rays are called ionizing radiation and directly damage DNA. Low- to mid-frequency EMR such as that produced by microwaves, cell phones, and WIFI are called non-ionizing radiation.

While the official stance of most government health agencies is that non-ionizing radiation does not pose health risks to humans, there actually is growing evidence to suggest this is not the case. Non-ionizing radiation has been shown to interfere with cellular oxidative repair mechanisms, inflicting oxidative stress and free radical damage that can, in fact, lead to cancer. There are also studies linking EMR to reproductive harm, cardiovascular disease, and cognitive and memory effects, among other things.

Luckily, you don’t have to live in an underground bunker and avoid all contact with the outside world to limit your exposure to EMFs and EMR. Thanks to a high tech clothing company called Lambs, and their cutting edge Wavestopper™ fabric, you can protect yourself from EMR all day, every day.

How Wavestopper™ EMF Protection Works

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Lambs' Wavestopper™ technology uses the principle of electromagnetic shielding. Electromagnetic radiation cannot pass through holes in conductive material that are smaller than its wavelength. Thus, it is possible to shield an object from EMR by surrounding it with a conductive wire-mesh.

When radiation meets this conductive wire-mesh, it induces a displacement of electrons inside the conductive material. This causes the radiation to be reflected instead of going inside the shield.

Lambs’ Wavestopper™ fabric is embedded with silver fibers that create a wire-mesh shield that protects what’s inside. According to independent testing, this fabric blocks 99% of microwaves, including WIFI, bluetooth, and cellphone radiation.

Lambs has a number of awesome pieces in their Faraday line that use Wavestopper™ fabric to block EMFs. Below you can find just a few of their most popular.

Lambs' Faraday Beanie - Stylish EMF Protection

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The Faraday Beanie is a warm, comfortable, and stylish way to protect your noggin. It is certified to block 99 percent of wireless radiation, including 3G, 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, while also protecting you from harmful UV rays. With an outer layer made of 100-percent acrylic and an inner layer made of 44-percent cotton, 39-percent silver, and 17-percent polyester, this hat is machine washable and one-size-fits-all.

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Lambs' Faraday Boxer Briefs

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Want to protect yourself from the cell phone you keep in your pocket most of the day? The Faraday Boxer Briefs are the answer. Certified to block 99 percent of EMR thanks to Lambs’ super soft silver flex blend, these premium underpants are heat-regulating and anti-microbial and feature a no-roll waistband and stay-put legs.

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Lambs' Faraday T-Shirt

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Looking for the ultimate t-shirt? Look no further. The Faraday T-Shirt blocks 99 percent of EMR as well as harmful UV rays. It’s moisture-wicking and antimicrobial, meaning you stay fresh all day long. And it’s lightweight athletic fit means you can effortlessly pull off the classic jeans-and-a-t-shirt look.

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