Marketing collective MSCHF has decided to let a robot dog equipped with a paintball loose inside an art gallery — and it's letting people around the world take control of it remotely, The Verge reports.

The campaign is called "Spot's Rampage," in a nod to the Boston Dynamics robot dog Spot, and it'll kick off on February 24. Those who want to take control of the paintball-blasting killer robot can do so via the event's website. Every two minutes, a new randomly selected person will get control over Spot.

"We’ve put a Spot in an art gallery, mounted it with a .68cal paintball gun, and given the internet the ability to control it," reads the event's description. "We’re livestreaming Spot as it frolics and destroys the gallery around it."

It's a fun take on an otherwise terrifying vision of the future in which killer robots come for us all.

"When killer robots come to America they will be wrapped in fur, carrying a ball," the collective writes in a statement. "Spot is Rob Rhinehart’s ideal pet: it never shits," a reference to the inventor of Soylent.

Spot manufacturer Boston Dynamics isn't thrilled.

"Today we learned that an art group is planning a spectacle to draw attention to a provocative use of our industrial robot Spot," reads a statement posted to its Twitter account. "To be clear, we condemn the portrayal of our technology in any way that promotes violence, harm, or intimidation."

Boston Dynamics also warned that any breaches of its terms and conditions would end up voiding the robot's warranty. It's unclear if those terms say anything about paintball guns.

The event is a surprisingly literal — but mostly light-hearted — commentary on a chilling future in which robot police dogs patrol our streets with weaponry mounted to their backs.

"It feels like five years from now, I could be walking around Brooklyn and just see one of these things with like a taser on it being controlled by the cops," MSCHF member Daniel Greenberg told The Verge.

For now, that future is fortunately still many years out — that is, if it ever materializes. Spot isn't coming to get you any time soon. Greenberg admitted that "it really does nothing other than walk, to be totally honest."

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