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Maybe you missed it, but over Thanksgiving weekend a major scientific report was published on climate change. This 1,656-page, Congressionally-mandated report details the devastating effects of climate change. Not just on the environment, but also our health and the nation’s economy: crop failures, decrepit infrastructure, broken supply chains – even going so far as to report that we could lose up to 10% of gross domestic product by 2100, twice as much as our losses from 2008’s Great Recession.

We’re not talking about just wildfires anymore.

Yup. We’re screwed. It’s scientifically proven.

We’re well past “reduce, reuse, recycle.” And it’s easy to feel hopeless.

But what if there was something we could do to actually make a difference? What if you could fight back? What if we could actually reverse the effects of climate change, invest in measurable solutions, and work with intention and purpose to repair the damage?

That’s what some of the greatest minds in government, technology, and finance are working on right now. DIATOMS INC, a brand new company, published their premiere white paper today.

The goal of DIATOMS? Fix the planet.

Audacious, sure, but isn’t it about time we built businesses focused on financing and developing initiatives to reverse our current trajectory? It’s not too late. But we must start now.

Initially, DIATOMS will focus on coal fly ash, CO2 capture and storage, food waste, human waste, repurposing plastics, and reprocessing landfills. Each of these projects is owned and operated by DIATOMS and supervised by industry experts working with advanced technology across the public and private sectors ensuring economic performance and returns on investment.

Newsflash: Yes, we can build profitable and ethical businesses. We have the technology, the data, and the science. We no longer have to pillage our planet’s resources in the name of profit. In fact, we’re now at the precipice of a new business paradigm, one supported by decentralized technology, abundant private capital, and the greatest minds of our generation.

Co-founded by J. Todd Morley,  who also co-founded Y2X, G2 and previously Guggenheim Partners who now manage over $300 billion in assets, DIATOMS' leadership team also includes logistics experts, political leaders, blockchain pioneers, engineers, academics, economists, and global leaders including Dave Sams, Chairman of Delaware Life; Richard Gephardt, former House Majority Leader; Patrick McConlogue, Founder of Block Collider; Matt Kennedy, Partner at Converge; and David L. Shuler, Y2X Co-founder, former Managing Director, Paxos/itBit, and former Vice President at Goldman Sachs.  

These individuals have come together to become something better than the sum of their parts. It will take humans to save humanity. And DIATOMS INC is looking for a few good women and men to join the crusade.

This is a call to action.

Our world is moving away from traditional notions of work and economics. We are moving away from centralized oligarchies and industrialized labor. Entrepreneurship, decentralization, and new ideologies like tokenomics and what DIATOMS calls “structural alpha” are paving the way for new mindsets, new businesses, and new opportunities.

If you’re interested in learning more about DIATOMS “human blockchain” and the first ever technology passport through which they plan to raise an initial $50 million with an ICO/STO, check out DIATOMSINC.io.

Until now, no one has stepped up to the challenge of repairing the vandalization of the industrial revolution and the 20th century. Bureaucracy has hindered our progress and capitalist interests have ignored science. Working together, outside the confines of previous paradigms, in a decentralized approach, with private capital, we can make change.

Hell, even space exploration is now a private endeavor. Why not fixing the planet?

There’s certainly money to be made in that business. Global infrastructure is a $9 trillion/year market.

And with our forthcoming decentralized economy, a company like DIATOMS, utilizing tax code provisions as well as federal, state, municipal, and corporate credits, with the backing of investors and a team of experts, can not only improve the quality of our lives and our environment, but also our economy. And make profit.

This is our future New Deal. The ambitions and goals of DIATOMS will shape the future of our economy, our infrastructure, and our planet’s resources. Finally, a group of global leaders have come together to fund and develop the work that needs to be done.

DIATOMS is structured as a C corporation, allowing the business to finance, own, and operate their initiatives as long-term solutions and long-term investments, collecting assets and compounding returns. Ultimately, by investing in infrastructure with equity from high-risk/high-reward investors, the company can build a collection of global assets, working towards solving the largest problems plaguing humanity, with projections for returns on equity to be higher than those found in the S+P 500.

Seems improbable, right? Well, they’re already doing it.

In Florida, DIATOMS is planning the construction of a new plant using innovative technology to process discarded fruits and vegetables, and improve farming practices and harvests, all while reducing amounts of methane in landfills.

In Rhode Island they’re contracted to develop 60 acres of raw land to build a microgrid and hydroponic vertical farms.

And with regards to our deadly CO2 emissions, DIATOMS is already working with new technologies to store and reuse the gas, at scale, with exciting updates to come.

It’s time to build a better world.

The tech is here, and the benefits of decentralization and blockchain are now undeniable. Really, who doesn’t want to make the world a better place?

It can be done. It just takes something altogether innovative, something completely new, something that brings together the wealth and talent of our global leaders, something that leverages new tech and decentralization, something that plans not for the next 10 years but the next 100.

But don’t take our word for it. Read more at DIATOMSINC.io.

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