Photo editing is as old as photography itself. In fact, you have an example in your wallet. The portrait of Lincoln on the $5 bill is a fake: Lincoln's head was taken from an original photo and placed on top of the body of the far less famous John C. Calhoun in an engraving.

And, as social media and photo editing software have democratized the art of photography, knowing what to edit and why has become a job skill, and not knowing what you're doing can even have negative consequences. Witness the beautiful sunset photo that, completely by mistake, began crashing Android phones.

So, whether you just want your Instagram pics to look amazing, or you want to add to your professional resume, the Pro Photography and Photoshop 20 Course Bundle can help sharpen your skills, streamline your workflow, and make you a better shooter and editor.


Before you can edit, you need photos. This 20-course bundle can start novice shooters off with a refresher on what makes a good photo in different circumstances. "The Photography Master Class" will start with the basics and take you right up to professional shooting, while "The Complete Wedding Photography Course" will walk you through the unique demands and approaches needed for event photography.


We may call all image-editing software "Photoshop," but the truth is that many professionals are more likely to launch Lightroom when they're out in the field or working with large collections of images. Lightroom's key feature is that it's "non-destructive;" any changes you make in the program don't alter the image you started with.

If you're new to Lightroom, "Adobe Lightroom CC Made Easy" and "Adobe Lightroom CC Classic Made Easy" will help show you how to get the most out of the software. Then, "5 Step Lightroom Classic Workflow Taught by Pro Photographer" will walk you through how to design a workflow in Lightroom that will make managing your shoots a snap. Finally, you'll learn how to use Lightroom for beauty retouching, managing large jobs with Lightroom's presets, and how to build collages with ease.


Sometimes, you need to pull out the big guns. If you need to perform detailed, complex editing, Photoshop is still the go-to, and the bundle includes courses for everyone. For absolute beginners, "Photoshop Made Easy" starts at the novice level and takes you through the essentials for editing photos. If you've got a small business to run, "Photoshop for Busy Entrepreneurs" showcases 27 different projects to help you learn how to edit templates and get the most out of the software.

If you're looking to sharpen your skills further, "47 Photoshop Projects for Aspiring Graphic Designers" and "7 Photoshop Web Design Projects: Learn Web Design by Doing" give you real, practical Photoshop projects to try out your skills and begin to apply them in different ways. Other courses explore light effects, cinematic effects, and edits, with presets and templates to use and adapt.


If you're photo-editing on a laptop, need to save space on your computer, or just can't budget an Adobe subscription for your business, the GNU Image Manipulation Program, or GIMP, has all the power you need. "The Photoshop Alternative: GIMP Made Easy" will help both pros and budding shooters learn the ropes of the open-source program, while "27 GIMP Projects + 547 GIMP Templates" and "7 GIMP Web Design Projects: Learn GIMP Web Design by Doing" refine your skills.

Everyone's got a camera, now, so standing out from the pack matters. Get the Pro Photography and Photoshop 20 Course Bundle on sale for only $39.99.

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