The basics of design are, more and more, becoming part of everyday work in a wide variety of industries. We spruce up our presentations with unique elements, we add images and style to the emails we send out to clients, and we build flyers, infographics, and more for our social media.

Access to professional stock photos, icons, and vector images can make your projects look better and are the building blocks of a great design career. High-quality images tend to be expensive though; to get just five from a leading site, with the right licensing, can cost $450 or more. The 3 Million+ Design Assets Super Bundle, now 99% off, puts three valuable lifetime subscriptions in your toolkit, ensuring you'll always have the right image on hand. Here's what each offers you. Lifetime Subscription

A good stock photo can make a design more compelling and clear, while a bad one will win you internet notoriety. ensures that you have the right stock photo, every time. gets its photography directly from artists, sourcing images via social media. The key value for is that it simplifies the often-complex legal and financial issues around acquiring images. An increasing problem for companies and photographers alike is the mistaken belief that images on Instagram are free for the taking. makes it possible to find the most compelling image while ensuring that you have the right to share it. images are royalty-free, with unlimited access and the rights to use the images digitally, making finding the right visual a snap.

Flat Icons Lifetime Subscription

Icons may be delightful bites of art, but they're useful as well. Icons serve as a kind of visual shorthand to communicate with viewers. Think about how the arrow icons at the top of your browser tell you, without words, that you can go back a page, go forward a page, or reload the page you're on.

That said, designing an icon is much easier than it looks. Flat Icons takes the hassle out of building icons by providing you with thousands of options in a regularly updated library. Each icon is available in AI, EPS, SVG, PDF, PNG, and IconJar, making finding, redesigning, and adapting the right image a snap. And this lifetime subscription is for a commercial license, so you can use the icons anywhere, from your website to your app, with confidence.

Vector Grove Lifetime Subscription

Vector graphics are a designer's secret weapon. As the name implies, they're drawn not with pixels but with mathematical equations that allow them to scale up or down as needed. If you've ever tried to blow up an image made of pixels beyond its best resolution, you've seen the blurry, blocky mess it becomes. With vector graphics, you can expand or shrink the image to any size you want—the equation adjusts to give you smooth curves and lines, without jagged edges or blur. They're particularly handy if you're designing something for print or if your design needs to scale up or down seamlessly on different devices.

Vector Grove has an enormous library of vector images to use in your projects, from the simple geometric to complex fractals and curves. Your lifetime subscription gives you unlimited downloads under a standard commercial license from a library that's constantly being updated with a broad range of styles. Every image is available in SVG, EPS, and JPG formats.

Compared to the per-image cost of other libraries, it's hard to beat a lifetime subscription to 3 Million+ Design Assets for just $50, especially when subscribing to these three services separately would cost you over $12,000.

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