One of the reasons that I love science fiction is because it gives me hope in tomorrow. In these books and films, we can see a world that is no longer characterized by hate or senseless war. Instead, we see a world in which we have banded together to achieve the seemingly impossible. This video imagines such a time and place.

"Wanderers" was made by Swedish animator and digital artist Erik Wernquist. In order to create it, he carefully combed the NASA archives to piece together realistic portrayals of our neighboring planets. Best of all, Carl Sagan, one of our greatest visonaries and scientists, narrates the short film — Wernquist pulled an old audio clip of Sagan reading his 1994 book Pale Blue Dot and layered it over the video. Be sure to expand to full screen to get the entire impact.

WATCH: Wanderers

And be sure to check out this page to get a detailed breakdown of how the film was made and the vision that guided it. An excerpt is below.

This scene shows a group of people hiking across the icy plains of Jupiter's moon, Europa. Jupiter itself as well as another moon - Io - is seen beyond the horizon. The scene takes place on the night side of Europa so the landscape is lit entirely by reflected sunlight off Jupiter (and to a small extent off Io). The shot is designed to look as if it would have been filmed from a moving vehicle and with a very long lens so that the bulk of Jupiter fills the entire field of view, like a huge wall in the background.

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