It remains an open question if we'll ever achieve time travel, although some scientists think we may have cracked it. Yet there's no reason you can't at least pretend you're Marty and Doc Brown with this flux capacitor building project that combines STEM, '80s nostalgia, and family fun.

Playing with blocks and using them to build new objects is widely considered one of the best kinds of family fun you can have. Ongoing research has shown that kids who play with bricks and other block-like toys develop spatial relationship and planning skills, becoming "master builders" through experience who build things from the bottom up. And besides, it's a lot of fun.

This project is developed by the team at Brickstuff, which specializes in taking building projects to the next level with working lights, video screens, sounds, and much more. It not only has bricks to build with, but also a flexible circuit board with LEDs built-in to use, as well as a battery pack and full instructions with illustrations. With 18 bricks, and no soldering or other complex wiring work, it's a simple project that the entire family can build together. All you need to have handy is three AA batteries to run the lights.

Once you're done, you can run the lights off the battery pack and discuss how flexible boards work and how LEDs function, and the design makes it easy to take apart and reassemble to look at how it works, or to integrate into other projects you're building together. It's a fun way to build and learn, especially on a rainy day, and it brings a little nostalgia to playtime for adults.

Usually, this kit would be available for $64, yet right now, you can bring STEM and '80s nostalgia to playtime for $54.99.

Prices subject to change.

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