The benefits of working out are becoming more clear, and more complex, as we study it. The main question for most of us has been: How can we fit more exercise into our lives, especially if we don't have space for a full gym? The Axle solves this problem by enabling a wide range of techniques, from bodyweight to classic weightlifting, with one innovative barbell.

Designed by a team of sports trainers, fitness experts, and personal trainers, the Axle starts with a tough, yet lightweight (11.2 pounds) bar. Add the wheels and you've got a barbell with good heft for a wide variety of traditional weightlifting workouts. As you get stronger, it's easy to add more weight with the lock clips. The wheels are even designed to be slightly bigger than plates, making it easier to slide them on, lock them in place, and then roll them out of the way when you're done.

Yet that's just the beginning. The Axle comes with resistance bands and foot anchors to turn it into a diverse fitness tool. Axle users will anchor their feet and then smoothly roll into a series of push-up positions; anchor their bands to it to make for a more challenging lift; pair it with a balance board to work their core; or as safety support to get the hang of new exercises.

All of this is supported with the Axle team's live and on-demand classes that offer all sorts of new approaches to bodyweight, weightlifting, cross-training, HiiT and more. Book a class to work up a sweat during lunch, or stream classes at your convenience to fit in a workout in your busy day.

Normally, the Axle bundle costs $388. But right now, you can save 22% and get the equipment and a year of unlimited access to live-streamed and on-demand classes for $299.99.

Prices subject to change.

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