Jump ropes are often associated with kids at the playground. But in reality, it's a deceptively-simple tool for getting a killer full-body workout. And the Crossrope Get Fit Jump Rope Bundle is taking the common jump rope to a whole new level. It's the simple, affordable way to achieve your fitness goals.

Crossrope has reinvented the jump rope. Their weighted ropes and high-performance ergonomic handles create an extremely efficient workout that lets you burn more than a thousand calories in an hour. That's because Crossrope’s weighted ropes utilize virtually every muscle in your body.

The Crossrope Git Fit Bundle

Image via Crossrope

Crossrope jump ropes a can be used at any fitness level thanks to their patented “fast clip system.” It lets you swap out lighter ropes for heavier ones depending on your routine. The Get Fit Bundle offers a mix of light and heavy ropes: two light ropes (1/4lb and 1/2lb) for cardio and HIIT workouts, along with two heavy ropes (1lb and 2lb) for full-body workouts. It also includes a 30-day free trail of the Crossrope Premium app with access to the Crossrope Premium library of workouts and challenges. There are also special features like advanced filtering, the ability to save your favorite workouts, and the option to track of your overall jumps.

If you decide to keep it, Crossrope Premium will cost you $9.99 a month, but you can also opt for Crossrope Lite, which is free, and includes:

- 10 of the most recent workouts
- 6 complete jump rope fitness challenges
- Activity tracking with option to sync to Google Fit + Apple Health
- Beginner jump rope tutorials

If you already jump rope, you know that it’s a great way to lose weight, improve your strength, and get your heart pumping. And Crossrope takes that to the next level. But, even if you’ve never jumped rope before in your life, these tangle-free ropes are easy to learn, and will have you meeting your fitness goals in no time.

So if you’re ready to get started with this deceptively-simple exercise tool, head over to the Crossrope website today to learn more.

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