The pandemic disrupted many aspects of our lives, including how we get and stay fit. Millions of people were forced to change how they workout thanks to nationwide gym closures, and many turned to working out at home. In fact, a survey performed by the American College of Sports Medicine identified online training as the new top trend in fitness, moving from the 26th spot to first place. If you're one of the people who've started building your at-home gym but need an on-demand trainer to help you achieve your fitness goals, you need to hear about Future Fit App, an elite fitness app that puts you in touch with a real personal trainer.

What Is Future Fit App?

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Future Fit App isn’t a fitness program made for the average person, because you’re not average. Your fitness needs are entirely unique to you. That’s why Future offers the most personalized fitness experience possible. As a whole, Future utilizes immersive technology—which can include your phone, your apple watch, and even your TV—to manage your fitness experience. From your BPM to miles run to your cardio performance, you’ll know exactly where you stand when it comes to your progress. With Future, you'll be assigned a trainer who designs a fitness program that sees your fitness as more than just workouts. It's a cornucopia of things that include: what you do, how you sleep, where you go, and what you need--at home, at the gym, and on the road. That's because your trainer is here for you to collaborate with and design a fitness routine that produces consistent results.

How It Works

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The best thing about the Future Fit App is that it's tailored for your needs. The process begins by choosing your perfect coach. You'll be provided with a rundown of each potential coach that discloses experience, attitude, and alignment with helping you achieve your goals. If it isn’t a good fit, don't sweat it, you can opt to work with a different coach at any time. Your coach will work alongside you to develop a comprehensive training plan that takes into account any and every factor that's important to you. And each week you'll be provided with new guided workouts to help you reach your goals. One of the best things about Future is how much you can get out of it. Your Future workouts will adapt to your life as much or as little as you want. Track your progress, celebrate achievements, and tune your routine to perfection with your coach.

What's Included In Your Membership & How It Compares To a Traditional Personal Trainer

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When you sign up to revolutionize your life with Future Fit App, you'll gain direct access to your Future Coach: an expert personal trainer who will build a plan designed specifically for you, your goals, and your schedule. Each week, they’ll send you a new set of workouts building off your accomplishments and feedback from the last week. But that's not all, along with your membership, you’ll receive an Apple Watch (with a fully refundable deposit) to help you and your Future Coach track your progress and biometrics for intimately tailored workouts.

Future believes in taking chances so you can train with them risk-free as long as you cancel anytime within the first month of your membership. So what are you waiting for? Take your workout to the next level and sign up for Future today. Your Future starts now.

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