Another strange and incredible robot has entered the tech market. Boston Dynamics (BD) has revealed a new, sleek, headless version of their SpotMini, an all-electric robot that moves around like an animal.

In the video, you can clearly see the bot bounding across a grassy yard, almost like a dog. And while it is completely headless, it is surprisingly lifelike. You half expect the robot to walk over, looking to be pet. It even seems to stare directly into the camera, despite the lack of a face.

This mechanical quadruped is a serious upgrade from the previous version. Some have suggested that these shiny improvements are an effort to commercialize the technology, but it is difficult to imagine such an advanced and lifelike robot being publicly available anytime soon.

As for the actual purpose and specific capabilities of the updated SpotMini, those are still under wraps.

This short teaser video may be all the company is willing to release at the moment, but it's enough to intrigue the public and build ample suspense for future announcements. The video ends with the message "Stay Tuned," so hopefully, we'll soon know more about this exciting bot.

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