If you don’t have a VPN, you’re putting your data security and privacy at risk every time you check the balance of your checking account, order something from an online retailer, or like a meme on social media. You may think that’s hyperbole, but it’s not. It’s the literal truth. Want to stop putting your data security and privacy at risk? Then take advantage of this great deal on TunnelBear VPN.

A VPN, or virtual private network, does two things to protect you on the internet. First, it encrypts the data you send out onto the internet. Second, it gives you anonymity so it's much harder to trace what you’re doing on the internet back to you. Think of a VPN as a private underground train tunnel between your house and a train station a thousand miles away. Because you’re in a tunnel, no one can see what data you send out. And because you emerge into the world from the train station, no one knows who you really are or where you actually live. That means, if you use the free WiFi at your favorite coffee shop to buy some new shoes or pay a bill through online banking, hackers can’t see your passwords or credit card numbers because they’re encrypted. It means government agencies can’t read your email or get a complete log of every website you visit from your internet service provider. It means you can travel the globe and still watch your favorite geo-restricted shows on Netflix. It means advertisers and data brokers can’t build a profile on you, because all your activity looks like it's coming from the VPN server.

TunnelBear VPN - Two-Year Plan


Or at least that's the theory. In reality, not all VPNs provide true protection from these dangers. Some are very complicated for the average consumer to set up and use. Some slow down your internet connection. Some use weak encryption that can easily be solved. And some actually keep a log of every website you visit that is linked to your account, which basically defeats the whole point of a VPN. Luckily, none of these things are true of TunnelBear.

What makes TunnelBear different from other VPN services is that it’s so incredible simple and easy to use. Once you install the app on your phone or computer, there are literally just two settings: on or off. If you can use a light switch, you can set up TunnelBear VPN.

TunnelBear VPN isn’t just simple, though. It’s also very good. It uses state of the art AES 256-bit encryption to keep your data completely private. They do not keep any records of your network activity, so nobody knows what you look at or download. And their servers are really fast, so when you connect to your HBO GO account from your hotel room in Istanbul to watch your favorite episode of Game of Thrones for the tenth time, you can stream in full HD without a second thought.

Best of all, TunnelBear won’t break the bank if you take advantage of the huge discount they offer on a two-year subscription. At $99 for two full years, that works out to just $4.17 per month, which is 58-percent less than the regular monthly price. That's monthly fee is less than a venti latte from Starbucks, and saves you $140.76 off the normal retail price.

TunnelBear - One-Year Plan


But if two-year is too long of a commitment, you can still save 50 percent with TunnelBear's one year plan. With a monthly fee of just $4.00, you'll save $60 over the course of the year.

So if you're interested in keeping your online activity secure and private, check out this  .

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