The best 40-inch TVs may be small, but they make up for their size in versatility. Sure, it might make Ray Bradbury spin in his grave, but with a TV that small, you can easily fit one into any room in the house. Yes, even that room. And there’s no better time to slap screens all over your home than now. Smaller screens can be just as cinematic as their larger counterparts, and even pack some surprises that larger televisions lack. Here’s a thorough list we compiled of the best 40-inch TVs.

— Best Overall: Samsung 40-inch Class 5 Series LED Full HD Smart Tizen TV
— Best Roku TV: TCL 40-inch 1080P FHD LED Roku Smart TV 3 Series
— Best for Gaming: Hisense 40-inch Class 2K Android Smart TV
— Most Sustainable: Vizio 40-inch Class FHD LED Smart TV D Series
— Best Premium: LG 43-Inch Series 4K Smart UHD TV
— Best Budget: Sceptre 40-inch Class FHD 1080p LED TV

How We Picked the Best 40-Inch TVs

When they’re turned off, it’s hard to gauge the differences in what features the same-size TVs may have. Even when they’re turned on, flaws aren’t always in-your-face or obvious. The differences between a good 40-inch TV and a great one can be subtle, but here are a few of the things we looked out for.

Image Quality: It’s official: 4K is king, at least for the foreseeable future. Even as 8K starts to rear its head, 4K seems to be the standard for new televisions big and small. Tragically, most 40-inch screens top out at 1080p. If you simply must have 4K, there are plenty of 43-inch TVs that have both 4K, and big, bright, OLED screens. Standard 40-inch TVs are a little more muted when it comes to image quality.

Performance: You’d be surprised just how many new devices run slow. Channel surfing may be quick as it ever was, but adjusting screen quality or switching between inputs can sometimes be a slog. A television should not only be responsive, it should be fast. This goes double for anyone looking to use their new television for gaming. High refresh and low latency rates are a must if you plan on plugging in a PC, an Xbox Series X or PS5.

Affordability: Modern big screen televisions run thousands of dollars, especially if you go for broke when it comes to image quality. Smaller TVs shouldn’t run more than a few hundred dollars, and that’s only if you’re splurging on features. We’ve included televisions in our compilations to suit most budgets. Save the splurging for the bigger screens. Tune in with the best smart TVs.

Best 40-Inch TVs: Reviews and Recommendations

Best Overall: Samsung 40-inch Class 5 Series LED Full HD Smart Tizen TV

Breathtaking Picture Quality. Samsung

Why It Made The Cut: Samsung screens have a Volvo-like reliability, and even this smaller screen shines above the rest.

Dimensions: 20.9 inches L x 36.3 inches W x 2.9 inches D, without stand
Weight: 15.9 pounds
Display: LED
Resolution: 1080p Full HD
Refresh Rate: 60 Hz (hertz)

— SmartThings App support
— Crisp, clear image quality
— Enhanced contrast

— Smart TV, in name only
— No Bluetooth capabilities

If clear picture quality is your aim, bet on Samsung. The 40-Inch Class 5 Series LED Full HD Smart Tizen TV is the best in its class, albeit, with a couple reservations.

The wide-color enhancing screen delivers full 1080p HD, and an incredible amount of vibrancy, despite its small size. Its LED display provides rich, plasma-like quality, with richer blacks and brighter whites. In fact, Micro Dimming Pro technology analyzes all pictures and optimizes contrast and brightness in real time. With its wireless capabilities, you can sync it up to the SmartThings App (available on iOS and Google Play) and use your phone, tablet, or other smart device as a remote control to flip through channels or adjust image quality. There’s even a built-in gallery mode that will add ambience to rooms when you’re not enjoying shows or movies. A built-in V-Chip also helps keep younger members of your family from stumbling upon less-than-family-friendly content. Even the sound quality is fairly impressive, and enough to flood a small room with audio. It’s also a smart TV, at least in theory. If a TV doesn’t have any Bluetooth capabilities, can you even call it a smart TV? Using the built-in apps leaves much to be desired, as they run far less smoothly natively than they do on a secondary device like Roku or Amazon Fire Stick. Luckily, there are both HDMI and USB inputs to plug in one such device.

Best Roku TV: TCL 40-inch 1080P FHD LED Roku Smart TV 3 Series

Roku Ready. TCL

Why It Made The Cut: The TCL Roku Smart TV 3 Series is perfect for easy out-of-the-box streaming.

Dimensions: 20.5 inches L x 35.6 inches W x 2.9 inches D, without stand
Screen Size: 39.5 inches
Weight: 13.2 pounds
Display: LED-LCD
Resolution: 1080p Standard HD
Refresh Rate: 60 Hz

— Ready to stream in minutes
— Dual-Band WiFi
— Three HDMI ports

— Occasionally laggy
— Good, but not great sound

Because it’s one of the most ubiquitous names in streaming devices, a television with a built-in Roku device is a natural fit. For couples looking for a go-to bedroom streaming screen for late nights and lazy weekends, the TCL 40-inch Roku Smart TV Series 3 is a solid entry.

Setting up this TV from start to finish takes about ten minutes, which may factor in any firmware updates. Unlike other streaming devices, all the big boys like Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, and Disney Plus come pre-installed. You can also easily surf through upwards of 22,000 apps at will through the Roku store, most of them totally free. Dual-Band Wi-Fi ensures that your streaming quality will come in as quickly as possible with minimal lag time. The controller that comes with the TCL 40-inch Roku Smart TV Series 3 even has dedicated Netflix, Hulu, and Roku Channel buttons for even speedier access to shows and movies. Using a Roku device gives streamers access to the Roku Channel, which sports countless of free popular TV and movies to stream, including “Murder, She Wrote,” “Forensic Files,” and “Shrek.” That said, the TV lags behind flashier streaming devices when it comes to speed. Inputs on the remote occasionally take an entire second to respond on screen. Annoying, to be sure, but it’s still an incredibly reliable option if you’re looking for a dedicated streaming screen.

Best for Gaming: Hisense 40-inch Class 2K Android Smart TV

Truly Smart. Best Buy

Why It Made The Cut: A smart TV with Android OS is perfect for streaming and gaming alike.

Dimensions: 22.40 inches L x 35.60 inches W x 8 inches D inches, without stand
Screen Size: 40 inches
Weight: 29.3 pounds
Display: LCD
Resolution: 1080p Standard HD
Refresh Rate: 60 Hz

— Chromecast built-in perfect for native and cloud gaming
— Immersive sound
— Voice remote

— Refresh rate may not be enough for some games
— Won’t optimize 4K consoles

Roku is fantastic for streaming, but Android OS is good for everything else. The Hisense 40-inch Class 2K Android Smart TV is an excellent choice for easy pick-up-and-play gaming.

Built-in Google Play not only lets you access countless streaming apps like Hulu and Netflix and HBO Max, but countless cloud gaming apps like Google Stadia and Steam Link. If your home internet connection is optimized with a good gaming router, you can stream games from your rigs directly to your TV. For an even smoother experience, you can partake in one of the many Google Play ports of classics like JRPG romps “Final Fantasy III” and “Adventures of Mana,” as well as button-mashing fighters like “The King of Fighters ‘98.” Plenty of modern casual titles also take advantage of the Android OS, including “Pac-Man 256: Endless Maze” and seven different Jackbox Party Packs. The Hisense has outputs to plug in Xbox Series X, PS5, and Nintendo Switch consoles, but higher-end games may perform less than stellarly because of the screen’s lower refresh rate. Then again, hardcore gaming should be relegated to larger screens anyhow. Still, for a television this size, the sound is rather impressive, and it comes Bluetooth ready to connect everything from soundbars to universal remotes. Speaking of remotes, the built-in Google Assistant lets you search for movies, adjust volume, and even control other smart devices in your home directly from your couch. Outfit your rig with the best gaming TVs.

Most Sustainable: Vizio 40-inch Class FHD LED Smart TV D Series, Renewed

Eco Smart. Vizio

Why It Made The Cut: Saving a TV from a landfill lets you optimize your image quality and save some serious scratch in one go.

Dimensions: 20.45 inches L x 35.55 inches W x 8.81 inches D inches, without stand
Screen Size: 39.5 inches
Weight: 29.3 pounds
Display: LED
Resolution: 1080p Full HD
Refresh Rate: 60 Hz

— Environmentally-friendly choice
— Full Array LED
— Apple Airplay 2 and Google Chromecast ready

— Buying used devices occasionally a gamble

Everyone from LG to Samsung seemingly comes out with new TV models every year, which could relegate last year’s devices to landfills. Buying a stellar refurbished model, like the Vizio 40-inch Class FHD LED Smart TV D Series is one of the more eco-conscious decisions you can make when buying a new TV.

Despite it lagging behind newer models, there are still plenty of features here to dazzle and amaze. The ultra-fast Vizio IQ processor makes this TV speedy when you’re flipping channels or switching between popular streaming apps. The SmartCast platform sports all the best streaming services, from Prime Video to Disney Plus as well as WatchFree+, which lets you access tons of live TV channels right out of the box. Despite its lower refresh rate, the V-Gaming engine optimizes picture for the most immersive and responsive gameplay experience on modern consoles for kids and adults. And no matter what your smart device of choice is, this 40-inch Vizio comes with both Chromecast and Apple Airplay 2 ready. Whatever you’re watching, expect a stellar picture quality with Full Array LED backlight. It’s not OLED bright, but it’s no slouch in the contrast and brightness department. Glorious specs aside, buying a used product is a gamble. Luckily, Amazon Renewed products come with a 90-day guarantee in case your device experience is less-than ideal.

Best Premium: LG 43-Inch Series 4K Smart UHD TV

Simply Cinematic. LG

Why It Made The Cut: It’s a few inches larger than every other television featured, but the extra investment may be worth it for 4K fanatics.

Dimensions: 38.1 inches L x 24.5 inches W x 8.5 inches D, without stand
Screen Size: 43 inches
Weight: 20.5 pounds
Display: LCD
Resolution: 4K Ultra HD
Refresh Rate: 60-120 Hz

— Optimized 4K display
— TrueMotion 120 enhances live sports and gaming
— Smooth control powered by AI

— Pricey
— Clunky OS

While it’s technically slightly larger than every TV in this compilation, the extra inches may be worth the price, especially if there’s a serious upgrade in overall image quality. The LG 43-Inch Series 4K Smart UHD TV is a visually stunning television.

The difference between 1080p and 4K will feel stark, especially here. This LG TV sports an Ultra High Definition cinema screen powered by a lightning fast processor. Contrast, color, detail, and sound are enhanced whether you’re watching live sports or streaming classic movies and shows. Unlike every other television here, it tops out at 120 Hz (hertz), which makes it perfect as a dedicated gaming screen. A built-in Game Optimizer lets you customize settings on the fly, and save them for future sessions. All this is capable thanks to its Quad Core Processor, which enhances picture quality and overall device performance. Sadly, the OS isn’t as user-friendly as Roku, Amazon Fire, or Android devices, but that’s nothing an inexpensive device can’t solve. Despite the clunky built-in operating system, the television is otherwise very responsive thanks to ThinQ AI and the Magic Remote, which responds to voice commands. The thin profile also makes it the most gorgeous television here, if you don’t mind the modest investment nabbing one will run you. If the price leaves you cold, keep in mind that it does come with a two-year warranty bundled in.

Best Budget: Sceptre 40-Inch Class FHD 1080p LED TV

Retro Friendly. Sceptre

Why It Made The Cut: The Sceptre 40-inch LED TV is a smart buy for anyone clinging to older devices with outdated connectivity.

Dimensions: 21.85 inches L x 35.86 inches W x 7.91 inches D, without stand
Screen Size: 42.5 inches
Weight: 14.2 pounds
Display: LED
Resolution: 1080p
Refresh Rate: 60 Hz

— HDMI, USB, VGA, Bluetooth and composite cable ready
— Screen comes in slightly larger than 40-inches
— Could easily double as a computer monitor

— Not a smart TV
— Practically featureless

Looking for frills? You won’t find them anywhere near the Sceptre 40-Inch Class FHD 1080P LED TV no matter how hard you look. But it’s still a very strong entry for anyone simply looking for a no-fuss screen.

It has standard HDMI ports, three of them in fact, which should service a dedicated streaming device, along with a gaming console or two. But that’s just the beginning of the input possibilities. It also has a VGA port for older PCs, and classic composite inputs for VCRs and DVD players. Of course, these composite inputs would work well with legacy consoles going all the way back to the PSX, considering that retro gaming is having a bit of a moment right now. While Sceptre sells this screen as a 40-incher, it’s actually more than 42 inches wide when measured diagonally. With the right attitude, and more importantly, mount, it could easily double as a screen for a workstation. The picture quality is still fully 1080p, but there’s no features to optimize it further like in other models. It’s also not a “smart TV” with a built-in OS, but considering the myriad of input options, you may already have one handy should you decide to use it as a streaming screen. The Sceptre isn’t  just the most affordable in the bunch, it’s one of the most versatile screens out there.

Things to Consider Before Buying a 40-inch TV

40 inches or 43 inches

Size doesn’t necessarily matter, but it should always be considered before you decide to buy a new screen. Every television in this round up of the best 40-inch TV was a legacy model. There aren’t any new 40-inch televisions, it seems as if tech companies are putting their resources into 43-inch TVs. Naturally, those extra three inches come at a cost, including the LG 43-Inch Series 4K Smart UHD TV, our premium pick. That said, there are still a couple of reasons you may want to go with a slightly smaller TV.

For one, as previously stated, 40-inch televisions are a little more affordable. Our budget pick, the simple Sceptre 40-inch TV, comes in at just over $200. In some rooms, those three extra inches may make all the difference though, especially if you plan to mount your television on a small or crowded wall.

Mount or Stand

In many cases, the stand that comes with your 40-inch TV will work with any desk, table, or entertainment center. However, there are two things to consider when deciding whether or not to spring for a mount: pets and kids. I knew of someone who kissed $200 down the drain, after an overly-zealous cat toppled a 43-inch TV at 3 a.m. Now here’s the Shyamalan twist: that “someone” was me. In all honesty, I was afraid the television had fallen on Charlie (cat), which would carry a much higher toll, albeit an emotional one. Modern TV’s are thin, and because of that, they topple easily. Most adults know not to mess with TVs, but if a 30-pound cat can tip over a TV, it’s easy to imagine a rambunctious toddler or prankish 7-year-old doing it even easier. Luckily, mounting a television safely to a wall is fairly easy to do for anyone who can operate a drill. The Mounting Dream wall mount works for all 22- to 55-inch flat screen televisions. It provides a full 180-degree swivel and allows you to extend the display closer up to 16.7 inches.


Q: Is a 40-inch TV big enough?

A 40-inch TV is big enough for smaller rooms including home offices, dens, and children’s bedrooms. Of course, it all depends on how much space you have or want to dedicate to a television in any room.

Q: How much does a 40 inch TV cost?

A 40-inch TV is one of the most affordable sizes to buy, as many models are available for slightly upwards of $200. Our budget offering, the Sceptre 40-inch TV clocks in at $219.

Q: What is the best 40-inch smart TV to purchase?

The best 40-inch smart TVs worth buying are the TCL 40-inch Roku Smart TV 3 Series and the Hisense 40-inch Class 2K Android Smart TV because of their user-friendly operating systems.

Q: Which brand of TV is most reliable?

The most reliable TV brands are LG and TCL, who each sport 90 percent plus approval ratings on Amazon.

Q: Is a 40-inch TV big enough for the living room?

A 40-inch TV is large enough for smaller living rooms. However, any television smaller than 40 inches should be relegated to smaller rooms.

Q: How far away should I sit from a 40-inch TV?

For the best picture quality with minimal eye-strain, eye-care professionals recommend that you sit at least 3.5 feet away from your 40-inch TV.

Q: Is a 40-inch TV good for gaming?

A 40-inch screen is good for gaming, so long as it has a high refresh rate and has modes to optimize picture quality, like the LG 43-Inch Series 4K Smart UHD TV.

Final Thoughts on 40-Inch TVs

Forty-inch televisions are small, but in many cases, more than enough for most TV needs. Just about any room in the house could use a television screen to stream content or simply provide a little ambiance. A 40-inch TV is much easier to install, mount, and move, and may be more than enough screen to dedicate real-estate to on a wall or entertainment center. An easy recommendation is our Best Overall pick, Samsung 40-inch Class 5 Series LED Full HD Smart Tizen TV, especially if you can overlook its troublesome OS. For a smarter buy with countless different display inputs including ones that feel practically extinct, Sceptre 40-Inch Class FHD 1080p LED TV is one of the most versatile options out there. For those strictly looking to stream, the TCL 40-inch 1080P FHD LED Roku Smart TV 3 Series will get you up and running in minutes.

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