Drones are helping scientists observe animals, get up close to geological features, and even explore the inside of hurricanes. Want to start flying? These drone bundles will get you started with gorgeous 4K footage and long flight times.

EXO Blackhawk

Pictured above, the Blackhawk uses a professional lens with an f-stop of 2.0 for the best shooting. it flies for up to 43 minutes on a battery while capturing smooth, crisp 4K video. The 3-axis gimbal compensates for turbulence, vibration, and shake, allowing you to record professional grade shots with minimal flight time. And as you become more confident, use the time-lapse and slow-motion functions to get the perfect shot at the perfect speed, every time. The Explorer Bundle includes 2 extra batteries to allow up to 10 flight sessions in a given day.

Get the EXO Blackhawk Drone: Standard Bundle for $759.99 (reg. $896) or the EXO Blackhawk Drone: Explorer Bundle for $859.99 (reg. $1078).

EXO Cinemaster

The EXO Cinemaster adds a second camera and ease of use features ideal for new drone pilots who want to be sure their bird always comes back. Using built-in GPS, the one-touch return means that if your Cinemaster moves out of control range, or finds the battery runs low, it'll immediately return to its launch point and land.

It also offers a 720p live feed to your device, to help you plan your shots. Choose the base model for just the drone, or get the standard package, which provides a launch pad and one year of crash insurance to help you get in the air and stay there.

Get the EXO Cinemaster 4K Dynamic Drone base model for $347.99 (reg. $409) or upgrade to the EXO Cinemaster 4K Dynamic Drone - Standard Package for $437.99 (reg. $548).

EXO X7 Ranger

The X7 Ranger offers 2K video with a 120-degree viewing angle, using a camera developed by EXO and Sony for maximum output with minimal adjustment. Perfect for shooting videos for social media and for practicing aerial photography before you upgrade, the X7 Ranger comes in 4 packages for different needs.

For new flyers on a budget, get the EXO X7 Ranger Dynamic Drone for $277.99 (reg. $327).

Add crash insurance when you get the EXO X7 Ranger Standard Bundle for $361.99 (reg. $426).

Need a launchpad for your drone as well as the crash insurance? Get the EXO X7 Ranger Beginner Bundle for $412.99 (reg. $486).

And for those who want to fly all day, get the EXO X7 Ranger Explorer Package with two extra batteries, for $423.99 (reg. $530).

Prices subject to change.

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