Drone technology has moved from military bases to the wider world, and it's already changing much of what we do in our daily lives. If you're wondering why drones are everywhere, this Black Drone with Dual HD 4K Camera will help you take to the skies, shoot amazing footage, and see just why so many people love drones. And you'll get $5 in credit in our store to use on more gear for your shoot.

Get In the Air

This drone is designed to be easy to fly, even if you've never touched a drone before. The remote control is simple to use, with a one-touch return if the skies get choppy. A "headless" mode locks the drone to your remote, making it easier to direct. And an altitude hold function keeps it at the same level if you need to get your bearings. It even folds for easier use.

Forget the remote, or run out of batteries? A useful app, and built-in gesture control, means you can still take to the skies.

Film Great Footage

When you're ready to shoot, you'll have plenty of tools. The front-facing camera is on a 3-axis mechanical gimbal with electronic image stabilization (EIS), which helps orient the camera and compensates for turbulence and other issues. The belly camera shoots straight down, making it perfect for creating maps and other visual guides of open-air sites.

Built-in GPS also not only lets you dictate a specific course, but also better track and file your footage. With a control distance of up to 1,200 meters, you'll be able to shoot anything smoothly, quickly, and easily.

Get the Black Drone with Dual HD 4K Camera for $76.99 (reg. $85) and get $5 in store credit, 7 to 10 days after purchase is complete.

Prices subject to change.

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