Artificial intelligence is transforming everyday life in ways few people ever imagined. It drives cars, manages investments, diagnoses medical conditions, performs facial recognition, and recommends books and movies. Now, thanks to a company called B12, AI can even handle web design, and build a custom website for your business in just a few minutes.

If you own a business, are opening a business, or thinking about starting one, you probably already understand the importance of a good website. It’s the public face of your operation. Every type of communication you send out, every post on social media, and every online advertisement you place is intended to drive people to your website. Therefore, it's essential that your website makes a good impression and clearly conveys the information potential customers/clients need. And with an AI-designed website from B12, having a website that turns potential customers into paying clients is easier than and more affordable than ever.

So why would you want AI to build your website? The real question, especially if you’re a small business owner, is why wouldn’t you?

When we talk about AI, all we’re really talking about are algorithms that help computers learn from large sets of data and perform complex tasks based on this knowledge. When it comes to website design, AI has the ability to scan the web and pull content from your existing websites, social media profiles, or mentions. It can also learn what makes other websites successful. Then, if you tell the algorithm what your goals are for your website, it can create a basic draft in just a few minutes.

Of course, AI can’t do everything. If you want a truly custom website, you’d still need some humans to make certain design choices and customizations. But using AI to handle all the basic, repeatable tasks saves them time, which also saves money.

That brings us to B12.

B12: Revolutionizing Web Design


B12 uses human assisted AI to build elegant, effective, agency-quality websites without the agency price tag.

How does it work?

The first step is getting your free draft. Simply tell B12 a few facts about your business, and their AI will create a custom mockup in minutes. If you decide to proceed, you’ll then work with B12’s human design experts to further customize your website to fit your brand and business goals. All B12 websites are optimized for both desktop and mobile viewing experiences, and on average, customers launch their new websites in just two weeks. That’s about a quarter of the turnaround time you can expect from a traditional web design agency.

Click here to see just a few of the stunning websites B12's amazing AI has created.

With web design agencies, once your site launches that’s the end of your relationship. But not with B12. After they build your website they also host it, providing unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, and a custom domain name. B12’s AI also provides monthly analytics reports and makes suggestions for modifications to optimize your website’s performance.

Think your business can’t afford a service like this? Think again. B12 offers four different plans to meet every business’s unique needs. The Basic Plan starts at just $26 per month, which is an absolutely incredible deal considering it includes not just website design, but hosting and domain name registration as well.

So if you’re ready to put cutting edge AI technology to work for your business, you need to take a look at B12. Click here and get your free AI website draft in just five minutes.

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