Audible is the biggest digital audiobook marketplace in the world, and right now new subscribers can get a three-month subscription to the service’s Premium Plus plan for just 99 cents. An Audible Premium Plus plan typically costs $14.95 per month, so you’d end up saving about $44 altogether. This deal is only valid for new subscribers, and the promotion ends on September 13.

If you’ve never heard of Audible, here’s how a Premium Plus subscription works. Each month you’ll receive a credit, which you can redeem for any book on Audible’s store. The retail price of the book doesn’t matter, one credit can be redeemed for any book. New books are added to the store nearly every day, and you can preorder titles so they become yours the moment they go on sale.

Once you’ve purchased a book, you can listen to it using the Audible app on your mobile device, computer, in your web browser, or by asking an Alexa-enabled speaker. Newer Kindle models are also able to download and play Audible audiobooks through a pair of Bluetooth headphones or a speaker. Your audiobooks can be downloaded and listened to offline, which is especially helpful during commutes or travel. 

Once a book is in your Audible library it’s yours to keep, even if you cancel your subscription. This makes the company’s trial all the more tempting. If you don’t end up finishing your three books during the trial period, you can listen to them at your leisure. On the other hand, Audible rewards voracious readers by offering a 30 percent discount on any title in its store, and a three-credit bundle for $35 — a $10 savings compared to waiting for three months of credits to accumulate.

Audible’s biggest draw is its incredibly deep audiobook library, but Premium Plus subscribers also get unlimited access to the company’s entire catalog of Originals programing, sleep tracks, meditation programs, and podcasts. These little bonuses can help add even more value to your subscription, especially during your trial period. If you’ve wanted to give audiobooks a try, but don’t know if you can commit to the format, Audible’s 99-cent three-month trial is a no-brainer. 

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