By modifying the 3D model, this amazing painting seems to have real depth.

What you see here is known as a "reverse perspective painting." This painting has a "forced perspective." In essence, it is a painting where an object is painted on a physically skewed surface, which results in images that appear in reverse when they are viewed head on. According to Rebecca Achtman and Duje Tadin, reversed perspective paintings create, "an illusion of depth perception caused by the reversal of monocular depth cues in a piece of 3-dimensional relief artwork. For example, closer objects are painted smaller and linear perspective is drawn so that lines converge toward the observer."
The video comes from Benjamin Dalsgaard Hughes, while the painting is by Brian Williams. The piece was displayed in a 3D art show that recently ran at The Galleey Ice in Windsor (the show runs through July 24th).

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