(Credit: David Churchhill)

This stunning cosmic portrait shows us LDN 1622; a star forming region found approximately 500 light-years away in the Orion constellation. From here, we can see that this region is incredibly dynamic and even more diverse. By that, I mean it is home to several different types of nebulae; including two dark nebula (LDN 1622 itself and another small one), along with two emission nebulae — Magakian 159 or VdB 62  (the bright spot in the upper right-hand corner) and Magakian 160 or VdB 63 (the similarly shaped white orb directly below LDN 1622) — wandering nearby. 

The nebula complex isn't too far from the celestial structure known as Barnard's Loop, near the plane of the Milky Way,

Labelled to show the location of each nebula (Credit: David Churchhill)

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