Anxiety is the most common mental health struggle in the US. Every year, 18% of us suffer from some form of it, according to the Anxiety & Depression Association of America. That makes an anxiety management strategy one of your best bets for positive mental health, yet, it's difficult to know where to start. Rootd can put some calm in your pocket, and a lifetime subscription is $59.99, 60% off the MSRP.

Reaching For Less Anxiety

Generally speaking, anxiety management involves a multi-pronged approach that has to be customized to each person. Rootd serves as one of the key prongs in that approach through an approach to managing anxiety based on cognitive behavioral therapy.

  • Panic: If you're in the middle of a panic attack, feel one coming on, or are just feeling overwhelmed, the app has a literal panic button that you can hit. This activates the Rootr, and gives you the option to either work through the attack to a calmer place, or to find comfort until the attack passes, whichever you need at that moment. For example, you can save a friend's name and number in the app and dial them directly when you need their help. Or, you can work through a series of prompts during the attack to ease it.
  • Education: In the shorter-term, it's key to know exactly what you're facing. There are five major types of anxiety disorder, with multiple subtypes and overlap between them. The app will show you where the science is currently pointing, the physical and mental effects of anxiety, how to better understand anxiety and find your anxiety triggers, and some of the potential management strategies.
  • Short-Term Work: Once you've got the tools, you can begin using them. As you develop an understanding of your anxiety and how it interferes with your life, you can begin engaging in guided approaches that help you begin to deal. This includes simple exposure exercises you can engage in, understanding the impact of diet and exercise on your mental well-being, and how other common habits might affect how you react to stimuli.
  • Long-Term Work: In the end, we need to change our relationship with anxiety and panic. These lessons show you how to approach that process, from a variety of angles.

While there's no perfect "off switch" for anxiety, these tools are useful for changing your relationship to it and dealing with it more effectively.

A Lifetime of Use

With a lifetime subscription to the app, you get access to a host of other tools to use as you shift your perspective on anxiety.

  • The journal tool gives you a place to track and document anxiety attacks and progress, including duration, triggers, and potential responses.
  • Breathing management can help brunt the impact of anxiety. With a lifetime subscription to Rootd, you get unlimited access to its deep breathing tool, to help reverse shallow breaths and move through the anxiety to the other side.
  • Access to an ever-growing library of visualizations and guided meditations that you can tap into at any time, whether as part of a mindfulness practice that you're building, or when you need to mentally step away from a stressful situation and find a more centered place.
  • "Body scan" tools, active meditations where you follow cues, which are perfect if silence makes you uneasy.

Just because you have anxiety in your life doesn't mean it's something you just have to live with. A lifetime subscription to Rootd can equip you with the right tools and perspective to limit the impacts of anxiety, and for $59.99, 60% off a lifetime subscription, it's easier than ever.

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