Lucky fans of the "Alien" franchise were given a special treat before a screening of the original film at the South by Southwest (SXSW) conference this weekend: clips from the next movie in the series, "Alien: Covenant." We won't go into the treasure trove of spoiler-ific material gleaned from the new clips, but you can find the gory details elsewhere on the net.

The action of this film commences after the events of the previous film in the series, "Prometheus." From what is described of the footage, the film seems to be going back to its roots in horror while still peppering in the action that director James Cameron brought to the franchise with his sequel, "Aliens."

Take a look at the horrifying red band trailer below:

The "Alien" films do not paint a pretty picture of humanity's first brushes with extraterrestrial life. While many movies, including the upcoming star-studded "Life," tend to see aliens as antagonistic, some also imagine them as friendly, such as '80s blockbuster "ET."

No one knows if we will ever discover life outside of the confines of our planet, but many experts, including the illustrious Stephen Hawking, advise caution in making contact. Even if they aren't acid-bleeding, chest-bursting, robot-fighting beings with super strength, seemingly harmless organisms could subject us to unimaginable dangers, too.

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