Albert Einstein is unquestionably one of the greatest scientists to ever live. He's responsible for likely the most well-known equation of all time, and decades after his death, his work is still a topic of discussion. He's the subject of several urban legends, and even his brain itself has been the target of intense scrutiny.

Most notably of all, though, are Einstein's theories of special relativity and general relativity, which are among the most important contributions to science.

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As it stands, Einstein's theory of general relativity is so integral to modern science that if you were to disprove it somehow, the entire infrastructure for our current understanding of the universe would collapse. By most estimates, science would be set back a century.

Fortunately for science, it is extremely unlikely that this will happen as relativity happens to be one of the most thoroughly tested scientific theories of all time. However, it's also something that many people have a hard time understanding.

To that end, the below animation by Eugene Khutoryansky breaks it down quite nicely.

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