A face anyone could love: the western pygmy possum. (Credit: Amanda McLean)

For your daily dose of "adorably cute" things, I give you the Western Pygmy Possum. It's less cute and much more boring name is Cercartetus concinnus, this possum is probably one of the only animals living in Australia that doesn't want to kill you. This pygmy possum has a body about 8 cm long with a tail around the same size. Thought it might be hard to believe, the Western Pygmy Possum is one of the largest pygmy possums in the world.

Pygmy possums are in the habit of migrating when the temperature gets low. The Western Pygmy is no exception. They normally hibernate for a week or so at a time. Because they are tiny and agile, their hibernation period is often the only time researchers are actually able to catch them in the wild. They basically reach down and pick them up while they are curled up and sound asleep, which isn't the way I'd want to be awoken from a hibernation cycle.

They like to eat nectar, pollen, spiders, and insects, sleep during cold weather, and just exist as a little ball of cuteness.

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