When you think "environmentally friendly," you don't immediately think "running shoes." But that may just change, now that Adidas has revealed a new running shoe model, one lighter, more durable, and most importantly, biodegradable.

The Adidas Futurecraft Biofabric was shown at the Biofabricate Conference in New York. It is made from a synthetic silk called Biosteel, made by a German company called AMSilk. That gives it strength and durability while being both non-allergenic and completely vegan-friendly. The Biosteel also makes the upper portion 15% lighter.

Photo credit: Adidas

To make the Biosteel used for the shoe, the company ferments genetically modified bacteria. This creates a powder substrate, which is then spun into the yarn used in the shoe.

While the idea of a biodegradable shoe may not immediately instill confidence of durability, the shoe said to be tough enough for "two years of high impact use." Once the shoe is all worn out, one can simply disintegrate the shoe from the kitchen sink. Just dunk the shoes in a solution of water and the contents of little packets of the digestion enzyme proteinase (which they make), and after a few hours, no more shoe.

This shoe is part of Adidas's initiative to look toward the future. They have been releasing shoes aimed at sustainability, like this and a recycled ocean waste shoe.

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