Caroline Walerud has invented technology that will further excite all shoe-loving people across the globe. She has created a machine that scans your feet to create a 3D model that will be used by sales personnel to find the perfect fitting shoes.

This young Swedish woman is a member of the first Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe List. Her company, Volumental, claims that its technology is the solution to ill fitting shoes.

“Half of women regularly buy shoes that don’t fit,” stated Walerud. And now, we might have a way to get the perfect fit.

How it works

The machine uses depth cameras that will scan each foot to measure the arc length and ball width.

The 3D model is transmitted to a tablet, which will be used by sales personnel to find the correct shoe size. The machine is similar to a weigh scale, wherein it has a platform for you to step on.

Notably, both Intel and Microsoft technology were used to create this machine.

It was announced earlier this week that a high-end US shoe company Nordstrom will be using this new technology for their customers. Shops in Japan will also be seeing this machine. German brand Scarosso and Swedish brand Falcherberg are also on board with Walerud’s invention.

So it seems that the tech is going to travel the world.

Walerud has raised an estimated US 5 billion to date with support from the Swedish government and venture capital firms.

The company’s next step is to make face scanning devices for eye wear and opticians. By using these scanners, eye glasses will fit perfectly based on the 3D topography of the customer’s face.

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