A Tesla Just Broke a World Record for Speed Twice in One Day

It’s now the fastest street-legal EV on the road.

3. 22. 17 by Abby Norman
Image by Tesla

Tesla’s higher end P100D model of the Tesla Model S just set a new quarter-mile record, making it the fastest street-legal electric vehicle on the road today.

In a video posted by Drag Times, two Model S P100Ds were tested. One without a few key features — like a sunroof — making it 300 pounds lighter, versus the fully outfitted version. In both races, Drag Times race the Model S alongside a Camaro ZL1 and a BMW 550i. Tesla’s electric sedan broke the record for speed in 4-door production cars. The heavier model clocked in at 10.875 seconds for a quarter-mile, while the lighter version came in 10.723 seconds.

That record-breaking achievement didn’t last though: on the same day, in a separate test conducted in Oregon, these already impressive speeds were broken by a month-old 2017 Tesla Model S P100D — which came in at 10.638. It should be noted that no changes were made to the vehicle: it was tested with its original interior, stock wheels, and tires.

This speed was achieved through Tesla’s Ludicrous+ mode, part of its latest software upgrade for the vehicles. It’s expected that the Model SP100D will be able to go from 0 to 60 mph in 2 seconds — a feat which is worthy of being chalked up to a functionality with “ludicrous” in the title.


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