Robotic kitchen tools and physical disability tools are all the rage right now, and many companies are looking to ride the wave. But this company is looking to ride both waves, with this nifty new kitchen robot for the physically disabled.

Meet Obi, the little robot arm designed to empower people afflicted with physical disabilities and give them back the dignity of feeding themselves. After having their meals divided into four bowls, sufferers of conditions such as ALS, cerebral palsy, MS, Parkinson's and brain or spinal injuries could feed themselves through a simple interface: one button moves the arm between the bowls, and another selects that food, dips the spoon in and brings it up to the diner's mouth.

Inputs can be customized, and the bot has big bright "Buddy Buttons" on the table. These buttons could also be placed on the floor as foot pedals. Pillows that respond to the slightest squeeze allow for head and cheek activation, while a small mouth-piece switch can be triggered through sip or puff actions.

The basic package for Obi is available at $4,500 and includes the plate, placemat, a large and small spoon, charging cable and user documentation. The "Buddy Buttons," pillows and mouth-piece are ordered separately

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