Almost all of us have seen one or two movies featuring time travel (and likely read more than a few books). The concept of going backwards and forwards in time has always sparked people’s imaginations. Historically, it has always been considered nothing more than only science fiction; however, this changed when Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity opened the door for the possibility of time travel.

This gave us a new way to view space and time — one that was very different from the existing picture established by Isaac Newton.

Newton’s classical mechanics was based on the premise that time passes uniformly anywhere and everywhere. Einstein’s special theory of relativity, however, tells us that the flow of time is not constant everywhere in the universe. The faster you move, the slower time will be–until you reach the speed of light, where the flow of time will appear to stop. This essentially proves that time travel into the future is possible; all you need to do is ride a spaceship that moves at a speed close to the speed of light.

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