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  • Burnie Burns, co-founder of the Rooster Teeth production company, covered his Tesla with a custom wrap that uses cel-shading to make it look like a flat, 2D cartoon.
  • With the $35,000 Tesla Model 3 on track for a late-2017 release, we can expect to see even more Teslas on the road than ever before.

Car enthusiasts have been known to use vinyl wraps to make sure their vehicles stand out from the rest. Thus far, we’ve seen super cool galaxy prints and intense chrome finishes, but for one Tesla owner, it was all about making his Model S look like nothing else on the road.

*2* This is the Coolest Tesla You’ve Ever Seen Yet

“I’ve always loved the car — but there’s a lot of them on the road because it’s a very popular brand of car. I’ve always wanted to do something to make mine my own and stand out a little bit,” owner Burnie Burns said in a video blog.

Burns is the cofounder of the Rooster Teeth production studio in Austin, Texas, and the creator of its flagship series, “Red vs. Blue.” He decided he wanted to use cel-shading to make his Tesla Model S P90D look like a flat, 2D-cartoon version of the real deal.

To that end, he turned to Rooster Teeth’s designers to create a custom wrap for the car. He then got the wrap printed by Graphics Guys sign-printing company in Austin. The result is arguably the coolest Tesla you’ve probably ever laid eyes on.

With the $35,000 Model 3 slated for release later this year, we can expect to see more Teslas hitting the roads. Perhaps some of those new owners will follow Burns’ lead and give their vehicles an entirely unique look, just like the epic-looking electric cars below:

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Image Credit: NIO
This Is the Most Beautiful Tesla You’ll Probably Ever See
Image Credit: Renault
This Is the Most Beautiful Tesla You’ll Probably Ever See
Image Credit: Uniti