Sweden is testing the world’s first electric highway for trucks.

A 1.2-mile road stretch has a series of wires hanging overhead that a pantograph-equipped truck can connect to. When the trucks are connected, they emit zero emissions. They can go back to using diesel once they are off the power grid of the highway.

The project is a collaboration between Siemens and Scania to make an eHighway that is twice as efficient as conventional engines.

See a larger image of all you need to know about vehicle emissions at Compound Chemistry

Ultinately, the work is notable, as transport accounts for more than one third of Sweden's carbon dioxide emissions, which is precisely why they are employing the two-year trial for the eHighway. Once the test is complete, teams will analyze the data to see if it's possible, and economically viable, to administer further deployment in the future

Scania official Claes Erixon says the project is "one important milestone on the journey towards fossil-free transport."


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