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Yamaha Shows Off Motorcycle-Riding Robot Called Motobot


Yamaha unveiled their motorcycle-riding humanoid robot named Motobot at the Tokyo Motor Show atop its 1000cc R1M sporting motorcycle. Motobot is a product of Yamaha’s attempts at creating a robot that can competently ride a motorcycle on a racetrack. In a brief press statement, Yamaha says that the “task of controlling the complex motions of a motorcycle at high speeds requires a variety of control systems that must function with a high degree of accuracy.” As of now, very little is known about the Motobot itself.

Robot Rider

The company intends to develop rider-support systems for motorcycles that make driving safer, resembling the similar systems being developed for automobiles.Yamaha’s statement goes on to say that they “want to apply the fundamental technology and know-how gained in the process of this challenge to the creation of advanced rider safety and rider-support systems and put them to use in our current businesses, as well as using them to pioneer new lines of business.”

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