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Scientists Made A New Humanoid Robot, And It Walks Just Like a Human

Soon we will see humanoid robots running like a real person.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (or DARPA) wants robots that can walk like human beings and do other human activities, such as climbing ladders, using tools, and completing other day-to-day activities. But that requires a bit of stability.

Now, one team has taken us a step closer to that dream by creating the SRI DURUS robot.

SRI is one of the teams funded by DARPA that is tasked with creating robots that are ultimately 20 times more efficient walkers (as compared to their predecessor)s. Recent work shows that DURUS has almost reached its goal of being 20 times better than ATLAS, another bipedal robot.

It has a more human-like stride giving it a cost of transport rating of 1.5, thanks to its fancier hardware, software, and gait control.

To celebrate this feat, DURUS was given a new set of blue Adidas shoes. In the video below, you can see DURUS walk remarkably like how person does when they walk. With this advancement, soon, it is likely that we will be seeing humanoid robots handle rough terrains, stairs, and other complex movements.

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