Are you happy with your internet and mobile providers? Few people are, but making a switch can be a huge hassle, which makes it easier to stick with the status quo. If that describes your situation, here's some extra incentive. Right now, you can get a $300 prepaid Visa card -- which is basically as good as cash -- when you bundle together Xfinity Internet and Mobile plans.

Xfinity Internet and Mobile will give you the Internet speeds and cell service you need, with a variety of different plans and limited time deals that can fit your household. But with a $300 prepaid Visa on the table, there’s absolutely no reason not to consider switching your home Internet and mobile service. And amazingly, that’s not the end of the money back incentives currently being offered. For every additional line you add to your plan (for up to nine friends and family members, for instance), you’ll get an additional $100 prepaid Visa. That's an incredible deal.

Xfinity Internet and Mobile: Find Deals in Your Area Now

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The first step towards getting your Internet and mobile service handled by Xfinity (and making some extra pocket money in the process) is to head over to the Xfinity site and see what deals they’re offering in your area. Once you find an Internet plan that fits you and your household, add in Xfinity Mobile within 30 days to get your $300 Visa Gift Card.

Switching mobile providers can be an even bigger pain than switching up your Internet service provider, but Xfinity Mobile has made it as easy and painless as possible. If you don’t want to get rid of the phone you have now, you can make the switch without even leaving your house. Just request a free SIM card for your current phone, and activate it online, which takes less than ten minutes once you receive it.

Whether you want to keep your current phone or get a new one, Xfinity Mobile has got you more than covered. Bring in (or activate online) your old phone for free with Xfinity Mobile, and they’ll throw in a $50 prepaid Visa. And if you do want to upgrade your current device, Xfinity Mobile is offering a free Moto One 5G Ace when you sign up.

Just to put all these Visa prepaid incentives in perspective: If, hypothetically, you were the head of a large household who signed up for Xfinity Internet and Mobile with nine additional phone lines and kept your current phone, you could find yourself with a total of $1250 in prepaid Visa cards. And that’s not even counting all the money you could save compared to whoever your providers are now.

So if you’re ready to make the switch to Xfinity Internet and Mobile, head over to the Xfinity site now to see the deals and rates currently available in your area.

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