We all have times where we need to get focused and get things done at work, and sometimes, a good playlist and a set of headphones aren't going to cut it. FOCI is a wearable that not only helps keep you on track, it helps you better understand how and when you focus best over time. It's on sale now for 31% off at just $89. 

A Productivity Tool On Your Hip

FOCI is simple to use. Download the app, clip it your waistband, with the wearable against your hip, and start working. FOCI will begin collecting data on your breathing patterns, using deep learning and cutting-edge research to determine your emotional state. If it detects you're stressed, unfocused, or otherwise not at your best, it'll give you a slight vibrating nudge to break you out of the pattern and get back to what's important.

You can check what it thinks you're feeling any time simply by opening the app and checking the colored orb. And since it lasts a week on a single charge, you won't have to worry about adding yet another wearable to your routine. 

Valuable Data About Focus

Over time, FOCI will track how you're working from minute to minute and day to day, and pull useful data from what it documents. It'll show you when you're most focused, and when to schedule must-do tasks. Conversely it'll also tell you when you're most distracted, tense, or mentally fatigued so you can either remove those problem areas or plan around them.

It also helps coach you to become more focused and productive. The AI Mind Coach offers real-time guidance to get back on track in the moment, helping to break distraction cycles and address problems like fatigue before they impact the rest of your life. Paired with meditation and mindfulness, you can get into a deep work mode and then unplug when you most need to.

In recommending FOCI, CNET wrote, "Get your mind back to the tasks at hand," and we couldn't agree more.  Get FOCI for $89 (reg. $129). 

Prices subject to change.

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