Virtual reality has been around for years now, and with enhanced technology and a pinch of creativity, it only keeps getting better and better.

VR Headsets or goggles are standard to today's virtual reality experience. If you want an upgrade, you can use dynamic controllers or even a suit to make yourself move in the virtual world. But imagine being able to "feel" in virtual reality - that's something graduate students of the Royal College of Art (RCA) in London have been working on.

Image Source: Skinterface

The team has designed "Skinterface", a high-tech suit that uses nodes which respond to input from sound waves. All over the suit are magnetic nodes, that can be programmed to vibrate to simulate different sensations, depending on the sound sent to the node. The sound activates magnets located at each node that can vibrate in different intensities bring a realistic full-body touch sensation.

According to Digital Trends, "The main idea behind Skinterface is that skin is the human’s interface to the physical world, allowing us to feel the hardness of keyboard keycaps, the breeze of an overhead fan, the softness of a chair’s cushion, and so on."

Skinterface is just one development in the field of VR. Other developments include emotion tracking, as well as eye-tracking tech.

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