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Replacing Humans With AI? IBM’s Watson Edits An Entire Magazine On Its Own

An AI called Watson may soon be giving magazine editors a run for their money.

IBM and a marketing company called The Drum just announced that the AI system known as Watson was able to edit an entire magazine on its own. Yep, an AI magazine editor.

According to a statement released via The Drum, the magazine edited by Watson contains different features that shows Watson’s capabilities. It has different analytical functions, as well as skills necessary to assist modern-day marketers. Also, Watson has been programmed to have the capacity to answer a series of questions about David Olgivy, the “advertising legend,” and was able to give some predictions for the winners of this year’s Cannes Lions awards.

Learn about Watson by watching this video:

While it is not yet the end for the human editors’ careers, this does showcase the potential that artificial intelligence has in an ever-increasing number of fields. IBM Watson program chief David Kenny hopes that one day Watson will be able to ask people questions and develop abductive reasoning skills. That would be truly revolutionary.

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