There are two kinds of drones: the small, unassuming little robot that delivers food or sports a camera. Then there are drones that have machine guns, tank cannons, or launch missiles from the sky. But what of the middle ground, a security drone big and tough enough to deter intruders but isn't something the army would use?

Meet Aptonomy Inc., the startup that will get you just what you need. It has developed a large security drone that has enough gizmos on board to deter most intruders.


Built on the backbone of the DJI S-1000+, a camera-totting octocopter favored by moviemakers, it can autonomously fly, avoiding most obstacles using AI. It carries both day-and night-vision cameras, large audio speakers, and strobe lights. The drone docks on the users roof, and can be controlled via a browser-based Aptonomy interface, where the user can pinpoint where on the map the drone has to go.

The drones can be programmed to investigate whenever sensors around the property are triggered. Best of all, they learn over time. Motion sensors might set off false alarms, but over time, the system’s artificial intelligence will learn how to distinguish cat burglars from regular old neighborhood cats.

This makes the drone perfect for its intended users: prisons, businesses, refineries, or even the home.

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