Let’s face it, the world of 2021 is a disappointment in a lot of ways. But if you live in a state with legal weed, your future is just a little bit brighter. Thanks to innovative weed delivery companies like Eaze and Emjay, you can have a wide variety of cannabis products delivered right to your door, instead of having to buy it in some back alley like a criminal.

The most popular weed delivery app is probably Eaze, which is essentially Uber for legal marijuana. Like ride-share apps, Eaze provides a platform for merchants to sell their products quickly and easily to interested customers like you.

Eaze: Like Uber for Weed

Image via Eaze

Every retailer on Eaze has been thoroughly vetted for quality, safety, and legality, so you can make your selections in the comfort of your own home with total peace of mind, provided you can prove you’re 21 or older before you start an account.

Eaze offers much more than just marijuana on its platform. You can get anything from vapes, edibles, flowers, and pre-rolls to drinks and concentrates, just to name a few. One innovative feature of the Eaze platform is its color-coding system which indicates what variety of cannabis the product in question contains: Yellow for sativa products; blue for indica products; green for hybrid products (combinations of sativa and indica); and purple for non-psychoactive CBD products.

Emjay: Free Weed Delivery

Image via Emjay

Another brand making cannabis delivery easier and better than ever is Emjay. Founded soon after marijuana was legalized in California, Emjay is a universal one-stop marketplace for quality-tested, legal cannabis products.

Emjay seeks to keep its prices as low as possible, and offers competitive rates compared to your local in-person dispensary. Some delivery apps have become notorious for price markups, but Emjay is engineered for total pricing transparency. Once you make your selection, it will be promptly delivered right to your door by a professional courier, and the delivery is totally free.

How is this possible? Unlike apps like Uber or Doordash, Emjay is a vertically integrated platform that handles all inventory itself, rather than just acting as a middleman between you and other retailers. They own all their own infrastructure, train all their own delivery drivers, and control every segment of the process.

It probably goes without saying that Eaze and Emjay represent two different approaches to the weed delivery business, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. So the best way to determine which one is right for you is to head over to their respective sites and get more information. Check out Eaze here, and Emjay here, and see for yourself.

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