Physics and Mathematics are extremely important subjects. Actually, that's a bit of an understatement.

Physics and Mathematics allow us to peer out into the cosmos and understand the inner workings of the universe. At once, they show us our  insignificance and our remarkable potential; they give us a hint of the vast possibilities that exist—of what we could (and may) one day accomplish. They allow us to see the world and to see ourselves anew.

That begins to scratch the surface of these subjects.

No one can deny their importance; however, it is also a fact that many people don't know where to begin investigating these topics...what books to study, what themes to begin with. On top of this, many feel intimidated by physics and math—they seem to think that they are things which only the sharpest individuals are able to understand.

But nothing could be farther from the truth.

True, these subject areas might not be the easiest that you will ever happen across, but they are far from impossible. So. If you want to be a physicist or a mathematician,  or if you just want to understand the subjects, here's where to start.

Huge thanks to the wonderful Moinak Banerjee for his work on this.



Separating Science From Pseudoscience

Now venture forth, live long, and study well.

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